Blogger Outreach- Inner or Outer Focused

I scanned a few emails in my inbox moments ago. Most bloggers pitched me with an outer focused email. Why would I read emails focused on primarily serving pitching bloggers? I am happy to help people but already did so for years through my blog.

One big problem hurts bloggers engaged in outreach: most adopt an inner focused strategy based solely on self-service. Adopting a selfish attitude repels virtually all bloggers pitched because humans shy away from greedy bloggers.

Humans do tend to flock toward generous bloggers more outer focused in nature, thinking about who they help and how they help them, with no strong selfish driver.

Do you engage in outreach to manipulate bloggers into giving you what you want from them?

Expect to struggle terribly. Bloggers see your manipulation a mile away and avoid you and your blog, big-time. I pass over bloggers who try to get me to do stuff for them because I own a blog with some exposure. I get it; bloggers see my blog and traffic plus dollar signs pop up over their head. The Potential seems big. But greed or desperation manifesting in their mind sullies their outreach approach.

I personally try to give as much as possible in all blogging interactions to be outer focused. Being outer focused makes you popular because bloggers love generous bloggers. Being outer-focused also allows you to avoid common problems suffered by most bloggers.

Bloggers usually struggle for thinking solely inward about their problems, needs, and wants. Bad idea. Basing your campaign on YOU only alienates the reads who help bring you success.

Blogger outreach at scale

Be an outer thinking blogger

Think outside of yourself by focusing on fellow bloggers and how you can address their most pressing needs.

My favorite approach for engaging in genuine blogger outreach is reaching out with a helping hand or hugging a hand. Doing this forms a strong bond right away, allowing me to open doors with my focus on meeting needs, versus trying to squeeze something out of all interactions.

For example, I asked my blogging buddies the other day if anyone wanted a guest post from me. A fair number took me up on my offer. My friends get passive traffic. I get a chance to help readers outside of my friend network. Ultimately, we both win but my buddies get to publish a guest post with little effort on their part.

I always loved receiving guest posts as a blogger who accepted guest posts for a bit. Tapping a publish button for 3 seconds of work beats spending 20-40 minutes writing and publishing a post on my blog.

Be generous

Build your blogger outreach campaign on the concept of rendering generous service by thinking outward, about how you can help fellow bloggers. Turn a pitch email into a service email.

Do you know how easy it is to catch my attention if you think outward? Email me asking how you can help me. That is it. That is how it is done. Piece of cake. Easy.

Email bloggers asking how you can serve them?

Make more friends. Make blogging easier. Move away from emailing bloggers asking what they can give you. Pros ignored selfish pitches because pros have seen this approach used many times over the years.

Why make life more difficult when blogging can be easier and easier? Be outer-focused to build your blogger outreach campaign on a rock-solid foundation.


A big thanks to Ryan Biddulph who share this article with us explaining about Blogger outreach should be inner or Outer Focused.

Ryan Biddulph helps bloggers retire to a life of island hopping at Blogging From Paradise.

What is your thought about this let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Dhruvir Zala says:

    Great read, Ryan. Blogging outreach should be done considering providing value FIRST. Thank you 😊.

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