Ways to Get a Cheap Dedicated Server from MilesWeb

Cheap dedicated servers from milesweb

Dedicated Servers are advanced server resources to host websites or applications in an isolated hosting environment. However, the question is, how will you get a reliable and fully managed dedicated server for your website at a minimal cost? If you utilize a VPS server to host your websites or applications, chances are higher your website/ applications will underperform. 

No worries, if you are running out of capital but still want to protect your web projects from vulnerable threats, it is time to upgrade your web hosting server to dedicated ones. Here is how you can do the same.

What to Look for in Affordable Dedicated Servers From MilesWeb?

1. Consider Hardware Configurations

While you go for web hosting, acknowledging hardware specification is a must. What if something goes wrong, like technical glitches and poor performance of websites and applications? Have you ever wondered what the main reason behind this issue is? Well, it is mostly due to less space or a poor hardware configuration. 

A reliable hardware configuration is crucial to hosting your websites or applications hassle-free. Their Mumbai dedicated server comes up with secured web hosting features. Their basic plan starts with 8 GB RAM & 480 GB SSD drive which extends to 256 GB RAM & 2 TB SSD. These hardware configurations come up with high-speed connectivity and low latency.

2. What Guarantee Offers Do They Provide?

While availing of dedicated server hosting solutions, make sure your web projects are not shared with other users. MilesWeb is committed to protecting your website and server resources. They never share web projects with other users. If it happens, your website traffic will be severely hampered and affect your web project’s performance as well.

When a hosting company offers you the same solutions, your expectations are met. Reliable service providers like MilesWeb provide optimal solutions with different web hosting plans. Besides, they offer the highest levels of guaranteed uptime (99.99%). For a happy surfing experience for your visitors, MilesWeb brings several solutions for your websites.

3. Look for Advanced Support

While looking for a cheap dedicated server hosting plan, technical assistance should be on your checklist. Does your outsourced web hosting company provide you with the same? MilesWeb offers add-on tech support features of expert-level advanced support 24*7 via mail and chats at additional costs. Their dedicated support team is eager to assist and resolve your technical queries at the earliest at a lower price. They resolve hardware and network-related issues in no time.

4. Instant provisioning

MilesWeb will deploy your dedicated server in no time. They respect the time of customers and that is why the web hosting company has enough server stock to make the instant provisioning of servers possible in no time. You can use dedicated servers within hours of installation. 

5. Sticking to Your Budget Parameters

While choosing the dedicated servers’ plan, going beyond budget is inevitable. After all, you will get a myriad of features in a server to host your web applications. But what is your requirement? Do you really require massive storage or RAM for your host websites and applications? Talk to MilesWeb’s representatives and they will guide you in finding the perfect web hosting solution. 

They will allow you to work within your budget and provide all advanced specifications at the best market price that suits your budget too. So, you do not need to compromise with the quality standard and host your websites hassle-free for your users.

6. Research Part Is a Crucial

After determining all of the above parameters, it is time to research what you need. Search for the best web hosting solutions provider and you will land up at the MilesWeb homepage. Click on the ‘Servers’ option and read out the following plans. Chalk out your top options and share a message with their sales representatives to know the suitable plan for you. 

Once finalized, you are provided with a dedicated server hosting plan where you can host unlimited websites with full SSH root access.

7. Go with Unmanaged Dedicated Server plans

If your firm is technically proficient and equipped with all technical resources, opt for unmanaged dedicated server plans and save capital. Being technically proficient, you can manage dedicated servers accordingly. MilesWeb does not charge a hefty amount from clients. Request for a customized dedicated hosting plan. If provided plans do not meet your expectations, MilesWeb will provide you money-back Guarantee. Besides, custom plans will cost you differently as per your requirements.

Key Takeaways

Dedicated servers are the best option when you are the complete administrator of your website that generates higher traffic. An isolated web hosting environment will not expose your applications to vulnerable threats. 

MilesWeb gives you the option of custom plans and dedicated server solutions at a lower price with optimal configurations. So, you can rely on them.

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