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Best Hosting Provider

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Hostinger provides a variety of cheapest web hosting plans for beginners, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and more.

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Cloudways is one of the well-known web hosting services for beginners. Basically, any blog can be hosted here without any hassle!

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Best WordPress Themes

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Kadence WP is a Freemium WordPress Theme that comes with a lot of cool features while maintaining lightning-fast speed. (Free Version Available)

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GeneratePress is one of the most popular Wordpress themes out there. It is super lightweight and comes with Both FREE and Premium versions.


The Blocky theme for WordPress is a modern, block-based theme that emphasizes simplicity and flexibility, making it perfect for creating dynamic, content-rich websites with ease. (Free Version Available)

Page Builder Plugins

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If you are looking for a powerful Gutenberg based page Builder, then you can consider Kadence Blocks for your website. (Free Version Available)

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If you are looking for a powerful page Builder, you can consider Elementor for your website. With a lot of inbuilt templates, making a website is like a piece of cake.
(Free Version Available)

SEO Plugins For WordPress

rankmath SEO Plugin

RankMath SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins you can use on Wordpress. You can use the Free version of this plugin with all basic to advanced options.

Performance Plugins


Perfmatters is a Lightweight WordPress performance plugin that will give full control over your Wordpress Speed Performance. Use Code – PERFMATTERS

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WP Rocket is the world’s most powerful caching plugin for WordPress, giving you full control over your site’s speed from a simple dashboard.

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The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress is a powerful caching tool designed to improve website performance by optimizing server load and speeding up page loading times.

Other key Plugins

ShortPixel Plugin

ShortPixel is a Freemium Plugin that will automatically optimize your images & serve in Webp format. Sign up for a free account to get 200 image credits per month.

Updraft Plus Plugin

Updraftplus is a Popular Backup plugin in WordPress that allows us to Take Daily and weekly backups for free and Store data in Third party Cloud Storage like Google Drive.

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