How to Take Automatic Backup in WordPress For Free

Automatic Backups in WordPress

In this article, you will learn how you can take an Automatic daily backup of your Wordpress website for FREE. You don’t need to purchase any paid tools or plugins for that.

After following this tutorial, you can easily store your backup to your cloud storage devices like Google Drive or one drive and easily restore your website without downloading and uploading the backup file manually.

So, let’s start the article.

Why do you Need a Daily Backup of your Wordpress website?

As you know Wordpress is quite an easy Content Management Platform (CMS) but it often creates problems if you installed any bad plugins or change anything in the database.

That’s why to save guard your content and settings you should take daily backup of your website. At least take a weekly backup of your website.

There are also chances of security problems like malware or plugin vulnerability which can be solved with the help of backup files. In fact, you can solve any problems in Wordpress just by applying an old backup file.

The best part is you can restore individual parts of the website like posts, comments, media files, database, themes & plugins.

Steps for Automatic Backup in WordPress

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For this tutorial, We are going to use a Free plugin called Updraft Plus, which allows us to take automatic backup of our Wordpress website for Free.


Just install and activate Updraft plus plugin on your Wordpress website. Just Go to plugins > Add new and search for this plugin. It has currently 3M+ active installation.

After installation, you need to enter your Email address and then go to settings. And then add the backup time to daily in both “Files backup schedule” and “Database backup schedule” option.

UpdraftPlus-Automatic daily backup

Now click on Google drive icon and authorise for it’s access. After that your automatic daily backup will be stored in your cloud storage.

Here, in the above image we are storing backup for the last 7 days and it will automatically delete previous backups. In this way you can safeguard your Wordpress content easily.

No, there is no system in Wordpress for automatic backups. You need to use some plugins for that.

You can take manual backup to your computer using a plugin called All-in-One WP Migration. It’s a Free to use Plugin that works best for manual backup.

I recommend you to take a daily or weekly backup of your Wordpress website which is very important for safeguarding the content.

Updraftplus is no doubt the best Wordpress backup plugin as it is free to use and allows us to take automatic backup to our cloud storage.

I use updraft plus to take automated backups and you can also use your hosting providers to take automated backups.

If you want to take a backup of the Wordpress website without any plugin then you can use the Cpanel or Hpanel of your hosting to take backups.


I hope this article helps you take automatic backup of your wordpress website for Free. You don’t need to purchase any paid plans from your hosting provider.

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