5 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use for Content Creation

Modern Content Writing tools for Content Creation

Writing is essential in all fields of life, whether it’s education or business. As more and more websites are being made, the need for content writers and bloggers to fill them with content has greatly increased.


Content creation is a great way to promote businesses online, and the best part is that it’s free. It is the fuel that drives digital marketing activities: email newsletters, social media posts, blog articles, and so on.

It’s no secret that good content writing is hard. You have to find just the right tone and phrasing to tell your story in a way that resonates with your target audience. 

And while you might be able to write a few strong paragraphs on a topic you know well by hand, it will be much harder to churn out hundreds or thousands of words per day. 

Or sometimes you cannot come up with creative ideas every day or maybe you are just tired of writer’s block. It is completely fine. All you need is a little push. 

So, what is it? 

Well, there are so many modern tools under the sun that you will find a handful and rely upon each time you sit to write. 

So, being a freelance copywriter, blogger, or creative writer, it is not affordable to put on blinders when it comes to writing tools. Because your livelihood depends on being able to write fast and well. 

In this article, we will explore five modern writing tools that every writer should use for content creation. 

So, let’s dive in straight. 

5 modern content writing tools 

Even professional content creators use a variety of tools to get the job done. You might not have heard of some of these tools before, but they’re worth checking out. Here are seven modern tools that every writer should be using:

1. Grammarly

Undoubtedly, there is no such famous online tool for writers as Grammarly. It offers everyone a free grammar checker tool to eliminate all grammatical errors in your writing by simply adding its free-of-cost extension to any browser you are using.  

5 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use for Content Creation

The tool has made the whole error-free writing process easier than ever as it can be used while writing on multiple content management software such as Google Docs, Slack, Hangout, and much more.

The website offers plenty of other services under the premium subscription. But if you are looking for only a grammar checker tool, its free version alone can do the job and you will be happy saving a few bucks for not taking its premium.

Just log in with your Google account and it is ready to check your grammatical errors in the text.


  • Grammarly is a simple to use app that allows you to type text directly or write somewhere else and paste it into its provided field to run the checker. Copy-pasting the text is pretty fast and painless than any other tool online.
  • It permits users to choose the text style by asking about the content goals. For example, you can choose the writing tone, type of audience, and text formality before using it. It helps you get the text recommendation according to setting goals rather than offering basic recommendations.
  • This excellent feature helps you and your teammates to stay on the same track with tone and voice.
  • While using this tool, you must not be worried about plagiarism as it offers its premium users to check sixteen billion pages. So, be confident that your writing is not only grammatically accurate but also clear, unique, and plagiarism free.


  • Sometimes, this tool gets obsessive about the word’s recommendations. To avoid the repetition of words, it sometimes gives absolutely irrelevant or unsuitable replacement that makes no sense anyway. So, you must be careful while using the recommendations it is throwing your way.
  • You need to click on suggested words separately which sometimes gets annoying.
  • It highlights the whole sentence as the passive voice in the text where it is not applicable, for example in technical writing.

Why Grammarly?

Free grammar checker with accurate results.

The worth using feature of this tool is that it defines and checks for writing style precisely. It is a great writing tool to be used by multiple team members at once. What’s more? It helps remove the extra spaces while typing in text processors like Microsoft Word.

2. Evernote

Another handy content writing tool for writers is Evernote. It is a digital toolbox for all your writing needs. It’s perfect for storing research materials and notes, organizing ideas, and writing rough drafts of articles. Let’s have a quick look at its advantages and disadvantages.

5 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use for Content Creation


  • It’s a free app available on all devices – desktop, laptop, and mobile.
  • With Evernote, you can easily save every piece of information from web pages or documents in one place and access them whenever you need them.
  • You can also organize your notes by using tags and notebooks so that it’s easier to find everything later on.
  • The best thing about Evernote is that it syncs across devices automatically so if you add something on one device, it will be automatically added to all other devices as well.


  • Evernote has a limited free version and expensive premium tiers. The free version of the Evernote software allows you only to make typical notes.
  • Evernote’s interface does not enable real-time collaboration on notes with other teammates.
  • It lacks productivity standards.

Why Evernote?

Evernote is an app that allows you to take notes on your computer or phone, then sync them across devices so that you can access them wherever you go.

3. Check-plagiarim.com

One last modern content writing tool we want to mention in the list is check-plagiarism. This free online plagiarism checker is one of the most effective and important tools that every writer should use. There is no doubt that nobody wants to read a plagiarized article. 

5 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use for Content Creation

This tool helps you to ensure fresh and unique content for your readers. This plagiarism checker is ranked over thousands of others in the market for the advantages mentioned below.


  • It compares your content with millions of other articles published on the web and finds duplicate text in the article in a matter of seconds.
  • The result shows which part/line of the content is plagiarized and how much percentage of the article is copied from other sources. This helps writers to eliminate the plagiarized text painlessly.
  • The accuracy of results makes it a trustworthy free service for everyone, be it a writer, blogger, researcher, student, or professor.
  • The plagiarism results are presented with the matched resources for better understanding.
  • It allows an unlimited number of submissions for 2000 words without any subscription, log-in, or premium charges.  


  • The biggest weakness of the check plagiarism software is the number of advertisements, making it distracting for many users.

Why Check-plagiarism?

This tool is the only free plagiarism checker that gives accurate results of a text file having 2000 words in less than a second. Though free, you might not trust the results but we assure you that you will find this tool more effective than any other renowned duplicate checker.

You can also check the below video to learn how to check the Plagiarism of content with Free tools.

YouTube video

4. Frase

When it comes to SEO content writing tools, you will find so many of them online. One of them, Frase is the best known modern online SEO tool. It is the favorite writing tool of thousands of writers around the globe. 

5 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use for Content Creation

The reason behind this fact is that you can write SEO-optimized blog posts and articles effortlessly because of its simple-to-use interface.

Here are some advantages that set this tool apart from other SEO writing tools.


  • Nothing is more dreadful for writers than the SEO tools that suggest mostly irrelevant or single-word keywords. Here Frase is employed for throwing the best suitable and long-tail keywords at you.
  • The tool also assists writers to eliminate those irrelevant words easily and quickly.  
  • You can review the significance of Frase’s proposed keywords, headers, and queries in a matter of seconds. Your material will have more context for the keywords you’re working with, and you’ll spend less time researching them.
  • It is the finest choice that doesn’t let your score down because of the use of a word more than one time. 
  • Even with an SEO add-on, it is a relatively affordable writing tool.


  • It does not allow you to use its add-on feature without the premium subscription. This results in a huge increase in the price.

Why Frase?

If you’re looking for SEO writing software that makes it simple to create an outline for your content and write an excellent post, go no further than this one. First-time users might get intimidated by the User experience. If you get the hang of it, this tool will be a lot easier to use than the ones you’re currently using.

They also use AI to generate content like blog intros, high-converting copywriting formulas, FAQs, headings, and more.

5. Hemingway app

 You can’t go wrong with this great writing tool. If you’re a blogger or content writer, you must already be familiar with the Hemingway Editor App. If not, let us enlighten you about it.

5 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use for Content Creation

There is no charge for using this free content writing software. Simply go to the website and it will open for you to copy and paste your text straight away.

Hemingway is a simple writing app for content creation that aims to help you write more accurately and concisely.

 Let’s have a quick look at its advantages.


  • It’s difficult to match its UI in terms of sophistication. It is remarkably straightforward, just like it helps you in writing or creating content.
  • In addition, it loads quite quickly.
  • Using color-coding to pinpoint errors in your content is a time-saving solution.
  • It’s absolutely free!


  • The tool does not get out of the box except by streamlining your writing and presenting it in a more clear and direct way. On the other hand, there are several online writing tools that may help you streamline your text and get your point through more clearly than this one.

 Why Hemingway?

Utilizing this software makes you able to quickly identify overused passive voice phrases and complex terminology.

The Takeaway 

The best content is created when you have the right tools in hand. The above-mentioned seven modern tools will help you create better quality content and boost your productivity. You can use them for writing articles, blogs, books, or even your daily journaling.

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