How to create a News Sitemap in WordPress?

News sitemap in WordPress

Do you want to create a News Sitemap for your WordPress website? well, you come to the right place. In this article I will share you the step by step process of creating a news sitemap in WordPress website.

Here, I will cover the free and paid plugins available for News sitemap. After creating it you need to submit it in your search console for faster indexing.

News content are generally short lived and need to be shown to the audience immediately. These types of content outdated very soon. That’s why a News sitemap helps google bot to crawl your news content immediately.

So, if you are running a news website in WordPress than this article is super helpful to you.

Steps to create News Sitemap in WordPress

Here, you can use different plugins to create news sitemap like the All-in-one SEO, Yoast News SEO plugin, XML Sitemap & Google News etc. The first two are premium ones and the last one is free.

First of all login to your WordPress dashboard and go to plugins and click on Add New. Now search for “XML sitemap & Google News” and install and activate this plugin.

XML sitemap and Google News sitemap plugin

After installing this plugin you might see an warning like install only one SEO plugin, If you are using plugins like Yoast SEO or RankMath plugin for Sitemaps.

So, for this you need to go to your WordPress settings > Reading Tab and disable the xml sitemap and enable the News sitemap only.

Create News sitemap in WordPress

Now click on the settings icon in the right side and you will see a screen like this as shown in the below image.


Just type your Publication name or it will takes the site name automatically. Here, you can select some specific category to include in sitemap.

Now you can access your News sitemap by this following URL:

Here, note that Google sitemap will only display the latest Blog post that are published in the last 48 hours only.

Now you have learned how to create a news sitemap in WordPress for free.

If you want more features than you can consider the pro plan of the above plugin or you can use plugins like

After creating the News Sitemap you need to login to your Search console dashboard and click on sitemaps.

Now enter the sitemap URL and submit it. If you have not submitted your site for google news approval than you can watch the below video.

YouTube video

Guidelines for Google News sitemap

  1. First, the posts that you publish are placed in the sitemap for just 2 days, then they are removed. Yes, that is a Google guideline. However, Google may keep the post in their index for up to 30 days.
  2. The sitemap can only include 1,000 URLs.
  3. Update your News sitemap with new articles as they’re published. Google News crawls News sitemaps as often as it crawls the rest of your site.
  4. Update your current sitemap with your new article URLs. Don’t create a new sitemap with each update.

You can learn more in details in this official Google News sitemaps Guidelines.


If you have any doubts regarding News sitemap in WordPress, do let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to Subscribe our YouTube channel for More Tutorials like this.

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