GreenGeeks Review – Pros & Cons, Features, Benefits, Comparisons, and More

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review

Are you looking for a good web hosting for your Wordpress website?

Well, In this article, I will share with you the detailed review of GreenGeeks web hosting review.

Hostinger Review and Rating

  • Features 4.5/5
  • Ease of Use 4.5/5
  • Performance 5/5
  • support 4/5
  • Pricing 5/5

Overall rating 4.5/5

Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks Hosting

Pros Cons
Litespeed servers make them faster. Their servers are really faster as per the promise.Support is great but the variety can be increased.
99.9 % uptime guarantee.The look, feel and accessibility of the website can be improved.
Variety of features to choose from.Renewal cost is higher (buying in bulk solves the issue).
Advanced optimization to speed up any boring website. –
The support system is quite professional and decent –
Installing any CMS through their Softacalous is darn easy. –
The perfect web hosting for beginners as well as advanced bloggers (especially WordPress folks). –
Easy to use interface. –
It is really supporting the environment. –

This is the complete GreenGeeks review.

So, if you want to learn more about this eco-friendly web hosting that runs on LiteSpeed servers and want to know whether it is worth your money or not, then stick to the end.

If you are a beginner and are eager to host a website securely, then you will love this review on GreenGeeks.

Let’s begin.

In a Hurry? Check This Quick TLDR Summary

With their promise to make the environment less depleted (300% green to be specific), LiteSpeed fast servers, free domain, advanced speed optimization, a crazy lot of other features, and a competitive price, you really can’t go wrong with GreenGeeks web hosting.

They are perfectly suited for:

1) Beginner to advanced owners.
2) Website owners.
3) Online entrepreneurs.
4) Non-techies.
5) Business agencies.

Or anyone who wants to transform their vision into reality without any technical efforts.

GreenGeeks Review Table Overview

Features Use
SpeedLitespeed servers and other advanced speed optimization feature guarantee and ensure a healthy speed.
UptimeKeeps up with a good 99.9 % uptime (except during repairs and maintenance).
SupportThey do not provide 24*7 support but the response time is not bad.
AppsEasy to install any apps like WordPress through their CPanel Softacalous
FeaturesAlong with free SSL and all, they provide numerous features such as a free domain name, a team of professionals to solve your every query, and much more.
Hosting plansComes with 4 major plans including a Pro plan of web hosting to be the most popular.
Site transferOffers free site transfer.
PricingThe Lite plan of web hosting starts with as low as just $2.49/month when billed annually.

With the overview out of the way, let me show you some of the actual graphs related to GreenGeek’s performance.

GreenGeeks Performance

First things first.

Proofs are the reasons people believe in some of the other products they purchase.

In fact, proofs increase the buying intent of any product/service to a significant amount, if the product is up to its mark.

Let’s start with the page speed test on one of our demo websites that’s hosted on GreenGeeks.

We will check scores on:

  1. Google Page Speed Insights.
  2. And GTMetrix.

Here is the data from Google page speed insights:

GreenGeeks page speed insights 1

And here’s the one from GTMetrix:

GreenGeeks GTMetrix Reports


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to providing immense speed benefits at a reasonable cost.

Here’s the weekly uptime performance of GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks uptime checker

Not bad.

GreenGeeks is created keeping in mind the daily core changes that Google rolls and those that impact the site the most.

So, if you go with GreenGeeks, you will not have to waste time improving your core web vitals scores and so on.

You can rather focus on more important stuff that will bring you results.

In GreenGeeks features, I will discuss many other speed features/benefits that will help you understand the site better.

As of now, let’s start with the initials.

What is GreenGeeks?

Created in 2008 with their main headquarters located in Los Angeles, GreenGeeks is more than a web hosting company that focuses on providing top-notch web hosting services at an affordable price while maintaining environmental quality.

GreenGeeks Review

Trey, the founder of GreenGeeks believes that they are trying their best to reduce the carbon footprint through their company.

All the serves of GreenGeeks run on traditional energy resources.

This means that they purchase up to 300% wind credits to settle the energy used by their servers.

This is a great initiative and a solid vision towards a better planet.

And this is one of the main reasons why I trust this company.

Without wasting any extra time, let’s get into the features and how each feature can be turned into a benefit for you.

GreenGeeks Features

I have listed below a handful of unique features of GreenGeeks.

But always remember, they are not just the features.

They are the actual time-saver benefits if implemented accordingly.

1. Fast servers

GreenGeeks runs on the Litespeed servers.

We recently published a comprehensive Hostinger review where we review how they use the same Litespeed servers.

Note: Interested to learn more about Hostinger? Do check out this review guide afterward.

There are numerous advantages of running your website on a LiteSpeed server.

One of the foremost benefits is that your initial server response time decreases to a significant extent which makes your site load even faster from any country.

Yotta has a whole article on how Litespeed servers can handle thousands of requests at the same time and how it is better than Apache.

If interested, do check it out from here.

2. Free SSD drives

GreenGeeks is always concerned about what its customers are looking for.

This leads them to perform various testing and experimentation to determine what can be done better and more efficiently.

And one of the things that they upgraded on is providing SSD drives to their users.

In fact, just after upgrading to these drives, existing users saw a page improvement jump of 50-100% straightaway (Source).

They have made these SSD drives a standard for all their web hosting plans.

GreenGeeks hosting plans

3. Litespeed cache (LSCache)

Along with Litespeed, it supports and encourages an add-on named Litespeed cache.

This free WordPress plugin is recommended by every web host that uses Litespeed technology.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

We have personally tried the plugin on one of our blogs and have found out some amazing success.

The setting is not only easy but the features are too good to be free.

So, if you are planning to use WordPress as your CMS (recommended) then, Litespeed servers + Litespeed cache plugin = stupidly fast website.

Have a look at this easy article tutorial by GreenGeeks on how to set up the plugin on your site with all the necessary settings done for you.

4. MariaDB

In simple terms, MariaDB is a complete replacement for MySQL.

Though MySQL is a trusted database storage platform, it is not as safe against new emerging smart attacks.

Released in mid-1995, MySQL is an old-school relational database management system.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, uses MariaDB which is an enhanced version that is highly secured and fast.

If your site speed is highly important to you, then MariaDB just does that for you.

5. PHP7

Just like many good web hosting companies, GreenGeeks has not been left behind in upgrading their PHP versions to the latest ones.

In fact, they have started supporting the recommended PHP version i.e. 7.3 and 7.4.

If you are using any other web hosting right now and not getting enough satisfaction with the speed and functioning of your site, then an old PHP version (5) may be the reason.

Luckily, it is a customer-centric company.

You ask for a feature, and they will hand it to you as soon as possible.



If you using Cloudflare, you might have seen some weird options related to HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol).

While they may look weird from a layman’s perspective, they are highly critical.

A simple HTTP version, for example, is less sufficient than the newly arrived, fully functional HTTP2 and HTTP3.

GreenGeeks cannot leave behind.

They have adopted the latest HTTP versions early on to give you and me the best experience possible.

How is HTTP2 better and helpful, you ask?

It’s simply because HTTP2 and HTTP3 speed up the process of sending a request from the server to the client which means that your visitors/customers get to see your site faster than ever before.

Not only that, it helps index your pages and important articles faster in search engines, and therefore, rank faster on Google.

It is helpful in SEO perspectives too.

Pretty cool.

7. Free CDN

This is a huge one.

Unlike other hosting likes Hostinger which requires you to purchase CDN at an additional cost, it gives it for free with any of their hosting plans.

Awesome, right?

There is more to it.

A free CDN will not only assist in making your site sped better but also send your site cached version to every server location possible.

This will result in an acceleration in site speed for visitors of almost every country.

Note: If you like Cloudflare CDN, then you will really like our ultimate guide on Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. Do check this article from here.

8. Server location

Fortunately, GreenGeeks servers (they call it datacenters) are located in various parts of the world.

Though it is based in LA, you will find their servers in different parts of the country.

GreenGeeks Data Centers

And they are constantly working hard to add them to more and more parts of the globe.

Multiple server locations are one of the main reasons they can provide customers with maximum speed benefits.

9. Easy to use Interface

I don’t know about you but when it comes to investing in any software or services, the very first thing that I check is the accessibility of the interface.

You might have this question – Is GreenGeeks easy to use?

The short answer is yes.

They have tried their best to ensure that the hosting dashboard and the whole website are simple and fluff-free.

GreenGeeks Interface

Even if you haven’t tried any hosting before, you will not face any issue related to learning to use the hosting interface.

10. Free domain

This is the main reason why I love GreenGeeks services.

You can save a lot of money and yet get all the features you need to run your site.

One of the features is their 1-year free domain name.

GreenGeeks free domain name

The problem with many hosting companies is that they provide free domain names only if you exceed a certain amount of investment.

It offers a free domain name for any plan you wish to go with.

This is insanely useful as you are paying only for the hosting but getting any Top Level Domain name for free.

11. Daily nightly backups

Backups are really important.

I learned it the hard way.

I used to work for a client in developing their WordPress website from scratch. I did everything the right way except initiating backups.

The result?

Due to an unsafe plugin, we lost all of our data.

Had we kept backup of the site, that day would never come. So yeah, GreenGeeks provides nightly backups from their cheapest plan which is awesome.

Free nightly backups in GreenGeeks

The most important part?

They do all the hard work for you.

12. Customer support

GreenGeeks Support

To be honest, in this world, almost most companies suck at customer service.

Product or service? Great.

Marketing? Awesome.

Support? Maybe not so good.

But GreenGeeks is different in a better way.

They have a separate support section on their website.

GreenGeeks support page

Here, you can search for any query and get your answer.

It is like a forum but a lot more accurate and up to the point. Besides that, they have a support mail id and phone number.

These were some of the GreenGeeks features that you should be aware of.

But this is not even an end.

There are countless other features that you will uncover once you start exploring GreenGeeks.

Some of the other extra features are: Built-in caching for speed, 1-click WordPress install, user-friendly dashboard (CPanel), 30-day money-back guarantee, etc.

GreenGeeks Security

1. Security & uptime

The security provided by GreenGeeks is good.

You get 2-factor authentication (2FA), free SSL (HTTPS), advanced servers, and bloat-free codes.

Along with that, if we look at the last week’s uptime, you will be surprised.

GreenGeeks uptime

It’s around 99.97%.

Also, the average response time is 507 ms.


Service disruption has only occurred on days when GreenGeeks servers go through repairs or upgrade.

This article will help you better understand about GreenGeeks security and its purpose.

2. Advanced firewall protection

This security feature helps protect your passwords and dashboard from getting accessed by hackers.

It also helps in filtering out bot and spam traffic through their smart and predefined algorithms. It also blocks IPs of unauthorized locations to avoid low-quality traffic.

So, if someone starts sending you a ton of bot traffic, GreenGeeks has your back.

Till here, we talked about everything from pros and cons to features and security in GreenGeeks.

Now is the time for some money math.

GreenGeeks Pricing

GreenGeeks pricing

Before discussing pricing plans, lets me once again clarify that GreenGeeks provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means that you can get your money back within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with their services.

However, this has never been the case with us for years.

As you are reading this review article, there are high chances that you are a beginner who wants to choose the best hosting plans possible.

I will list below all the popular GreenGeeks plans below.

Hosting Plan Price (Billed Annually)
Web Hosting Lite$2.49/month
Web Hosting Pro (Recommended)$4.95/month
Web Hosting Premium$8.95/month

These are the only plans you will need if you are a blogger or anyone gets a monthly traffic of 100000.

If your site exceeds 100k monthly page views, you can shift towards reseller or VPS hosting.

Pro Tip: I have told this before and I will tell it again and again. Buy in bulk to save the cost of the renewal.

Check out the Hostinger Review where I discussed how I saved around 150$ with this trick.

If you want to host only a single website, the Lite plan is for you.

But if you want to host multiple websites, go with a web hosting pro plan.

To be exact, it allows hosting over 100 websites and a lot of other amazing features.

Best GreenGeeks Alternatives

When it comes to comparing GreenGeeks with their similar competitors, I have only two names in the field:

  1. Hostinger.
  2. Bluehost.

Three of them are mostly similar and offer almost similar features and services.

So, if you wish to choose any one host from the three, you are in safe hands. All of them are trusted and widely popular to date.

This brings us to the end of this GreenGeeks review.

Before wrapping up, here are some of the most asked FAQs on this hosting.

FAQs on GreenGeeks Review

For anyone who wants to start a website, blog, or site in any niche, GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting companies out there.

GreenGeeks calls themselves a green hosting company. This means that they are the first company in the world that save up environmental energy by buying energy points for all the energy that their servers have produced.

GreenGeeks is one of the fastest hosting out there. This is confirmed by the fact that they have built-in caching and advanced speed configurations to make your site stupidly fast.

GreenGeeks data centers are located in various parts of the world including Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, Amsterdam, etc.

Yes, and till we breathe.

GreenGeeks is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies out there. And their trust in making this world a better place makes me recommend it more.

Their Softacalous allows you to install WordPress within a click. You can easily find Softacalous on their CPanel by directly searching for it.

GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all eligible users having genuine reasons.

If you are planning to host only one website, go with their lite version.

But if your plan, in the future, is to host multiple websites, then the web hosting pro plan is the best of all.

The GreenGeeks uptime is usually 99.99% most of the days. But during any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, it decreases up to 99.97%.

Is GreenGeeks A Good Web Host to Choose from?

GreenGeeks is a great web hosting company with a profound vision.

And I am quite sure it will become one of the top players out there in the upcoming years. Hopefully, you learned something new from this article. Now, I would like to hear from you.

Are you planning to go with GreenGeeks Hosting?

If yes, which feature did you like the best?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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