Top 5 Free Chrome extensions for keyword research

best free chrome extension for keyword research

Looking for some free SEO tools to do your keyword analysis? Then look no further.

Here I will share you with the best chrome extension that I personally use for my keyword research process.

You can easily get keyword metrics like CPC, search volume using free chrome extensions. I will also show you how to generate keyword ideas and do competitor analysis using free tools.

So let’s start.

List of best Chrome extensions for keyword Research

#1: whatmyserp chrome extension

whatmyserp chrome extension

Whatmyserp is a free chrome extension that you can use for your keyword research process. It gives you all related keyword lists along with monthly search volume and CPC data absolutely free.

I have been using this free keyword research tool for about a year and it is working perfectly. It shows accurate data about search volume and CPC for free and you can also download the keyword lists in CSV format.

whatsmyserp chrome extension preview

Whatmyserp Chrome extension also allows you to choose any country for accurate localized results.

You can also track your keyword ranking in Google and it will also notify you about the ranking change every week. It also shows the ranking for desktop and mobile search results.

To track the search ranking, go to the whatmyserp website and create a free account. Now in the top section select the Rank tracker option and add your domain name.


Now search for the keyword where you want to monitor search ranking in Google’s SERPs. It is way better than most of the paid tools like ahrefs and SEMrush which provide rank monitoring.

The best part is you can track the keyword position of your competitors as it doesn’t ask you to verify the domain.

Pro Tip: In the free version, you can track a maximum of 10 keywords at a time but you can easily bypass it by creating multiple accounts.

Try whatsmyserp Now

#2: Ubersuggest

ubersuggest chrome extension for keyword research

Ubersuggest is a free chrome extension for keyword research and it helps you know search volume, CPC, and related keywords in any type of keywords.

You can use this tool to do keyword research on platforms like Google, Youtube, and Amazon. The data provided by this tool is more accurate than other free tools and you have the flexibility to choose a different country.

Ubersuggest keyword suggestion

It also shows related questions regarding the search query, suggested keywords, prepositions, and comparison around that topic.

In the Ubersuggest chrome extension, you can also check the Domain authority of websites along with monthly organic traffic in them.

Ubersuggest showing domain authority

It also shows the backlink profile of websites ranking in SERPs and the total number of social shares in platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

It also shows the related keywords in Youtube along with suggested keywords that you can include on your video descriptions and tag. It will super helpful for Youtube SEO and keyword research.

It is a must-have keyword research tool that you use for free with accurate data. I am personally using this tool and the results are great.

Try Ubersuggest Free

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#3: SeoStack Keyword Tool

Seostack keyword tool is another free Chrome extension for keyword research. It will help you find long-tail keywords for your article easily.

SEO stack keyword tool chrome extension

It also helps you generate tons of related keywords and ideas for your blog post. It supports all major platforms like Google, Bing, YouTube for your keyword research and you can easily export them in CSV format.

Try SeoStack Keyword Tool

#4: MozBar

Mozbar is a freemium chrome extension that allows you to check domain authority and page authority of websites that are ranking in Google’s SERPs.

Mozbar chrome extension

It will tell you the exact number of links a page has for that particular post and in this way, you will get the idea of keyword difficulty.

You can also check the complete link profile by clicking on the link analysis button. Here you can easily analyze your competitor’s domains by checking their top ranking pages, search ranking in Google, link profile and anchor texts, and more.

You can also use the keyword suggestion tool of Moz to explore up to 100 suggested keywords for particular queries. In the free version, you will get 10 keyword search facilities per day which are enough for beginner bloggers.

Top 5 Free Chrome extensions for keyword research

Try Mozbar extension

#5: Mangools chrome extension

keyword research tool by mangools

Mangools chrome extension is an all-in-one keyword research tool that gives you complete data of a website like Domain authority, page authority, Citation Flow, and trust flow.

You can also check the backlink profile and social media profiles with a single click. Here you can also check the list of top-ranking keywords of that website.

The best part of this chrome extension is the on-page Keywords feature where you can check the keywords for which the article is ranking. It will help you identify the important keywords in that topic and how much search traffic do you get from it.

Top 5 Free Chrome extensions for keyword research

You can also use this tool to perform various on-page analyses of a webpage as given below.

  1. SERP presence ( meta robot tags, canonical url, words used, sitemap)
  2. Meta tags
  3. Structured data (schema used)
  4. Headings
  5. On page keywords
  6. Outbound links
  7. Social preview
  8. Page speed test

This is a must-have Chrome extension that every blogger should use for keyword research, on-page analysis, and link-building campaign.

Try Mangools chrome extension

There are several other chrome extensions that you can use for keyword analysis are given below.

  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
  • Majestic Backlink Analyzer
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Keyword Surfer
  • SEMSTORM: Keywords
  • SellerApp (Amazon keywords)


SEO browser extensions have improved and more powerful over time and give you tons of data for free but they can’t replace the full-fledge keyword tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

But if you use these tools wisely then you can easily get tons of keyword suggestions and ideas to improve your SEO efforts.

To ease the process, I have covered some of the best chrome extensions for keyword research which are free and easy to use.

Which among the chrome extension do you use frequently?

Or are there any other good extensions that you want to share?

Let me know in the comment section.

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